How to ensure the accuracy of the machined products

2023-07-15 18:11:25 146


The accuracy of a product depends on several factors

1-- the material 

      internal stresses are present inside all materials, but the machining will break the balance of internal stresses , it will cause the deformation on the products , the size and the shape will change , so we should choose the material with homogeneous and stable internal organization, or  release the internal organization before machining  

2-- the clamping fixture 

      the fixture is used to keep the material on the machine and no moving,  it is a reference standard , if the reference standard is not correct , so the machining result will not correct , so we should make high-precision fixture , and be careful when clamping the fixture on the machine , make sure that there is not flashes or dirt on the table ,

3-- processing process

      set up the correct process sequence , ensure that the deformation or internal stresses as little as possible , then reach the perfect size by the final finishing process 

4-- CNC machine 

     there is error in the  macchining equipment  itself, and this error needs to  be corrected when setting up the processing program